Fog Cannons

The Fog Cannon® has been designed to tackle the problem of airborne particles and dust generated by open mining activities, general demolition work and industrial bulk material handling.

Until now, the legal requirements for preventing health problems caused by this type of pollution have been limited to a requirement for workers to wear protective masks and eye protection.

Today, the patented Fog Cannon® can suppresses up to 90% of airborne dust particles.

The Fog Cannon®, which is available as a manual and fully automated version, covers the needs of all possible working activities:

  • Suppresses dust in open air (quarries, job-sites, squares, etc.);
  • Suppresses dust concentrations (loading/unloading trucks, transfer by conveyor belt, unloading hoppers, etc.).

The machine emits a powerful fog jet of fine droplets of water/air and, if required, also a surfactant.

There are several models of Fog Cannon® available with different projections and reach capabilities: from a range of 30 to 500 metres , a rotation angle of approximately 270° laterally and a continuously adjustable height. This means that a single machine is capable of covering a level area of up to 130,000 square metres.

The clean water consumption varies from just 50 litres/min. up to 4000 litres/min.

The Fog Cannon® is electrically-powered and is also available in an intrinsically-safe version for explosive atmospheres or with a hydraulic motor. This masterpiece of fluid-dynamic engineering is the result of three years of research and experimentation, thanks to the expertise of professors from the Engineering School of the Milan Polytechnic.

Other effective applications for the Fog Cannon® do include:
  • Industrial and wild fire fighting, where it has been very effective.
  • Airport, freeway and tunnels fire fighting and/or evacuation of smog.
  • Solvent dispersal, in the event of spillage into the environment.
  • Odor control at the waste disposal and garbage landfilling.
For more information see our site Below are some photos of our Fog Cannons in action.
Fog Cannon
Fog Cannon
Fog CannonFog Cannon

Download the above video of FC150 Fog Cannon at Vale

Download video of FC250 Fog Cannon at Minera Los Pelambres in Chile