Why D-Point?

Coronavirus lives for hours in air particles and days on surfaces.

D-point prevents people carrying covid19 inside buildings or between rooms.

D-Point  is certified to ISO 13485 for medical equipment and is clinically validated,

How D-Point works?

D-Point sprays a human safe chemical solution which attacks the lipidic and protein shield of the virus, exposing it to oxygen which causes it to die, immediately.

D-Point will disinfect the people, their cloths, they hairs, their bears, from virus covid19.

Is it possible to measure the disinfection performance?

Yes it is possible because covid19 is 0,000007mm in size and can be counted with scotch tape test before and after passing DPOINT

Is it safe ?

DPOINT drops are certified bigger than 90 microns so not breathable so: not aerosol, not toxic, not irritating for humans and animals.