Dust Tex Net - Airborne Dust Containment System

Conceived to resolve particular problems related to dust and particle containment in open spaces, such as: mines, demolition sites, areas involved in the bulk material handling as well as in dusty industrial process. It drastically reduces the spillage of airborne dust out of the sites and in the surrounding areas.

1) An innovative approach which uses modern technology to contain the dust.
2) It creates a new standard to control dust and particles in open spaces.
3) It provides a new solution to problems that until now seemed impossible to resolve.
4) It works as Gore-Tex, which allows the passage of vapor but repels water.

How it works

The micro porous structure of the DUST TEX NETŪ makes it washable and resistant to wind and dust. Each microscopic pore is about 10 times smaller than a 90 microns dust molecule, which means that the air can pass through the net but not the dust which is trapped in de inner part of the containment net and cannot escape.

In the case of humid dust the DUST TEX NETŪ, reduces its flow capacity for the air which will be reestablished as soon as the dust is dry. The net DUST TEX NETŪ is designed to be auto cleaning; it resist UVA rays and doesn’t lose its color. It also maintains its mechanical characteristics for 5 years at least.
The pores of the DUST TEX NETŪ are 700 times bigger than a standard air molecule, so the air flow can easily pass through but not the dust. The wind that brings dust in the DUST TEX NETŪ, dry it and shake it, scrolling it down i the internal base of the net itself.

Dust Tex Net

Dust Tex Net
Dust Tex Net
Dust Tex Net